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Big thanks for watching the video “Your Love Will Surely Come Find Us.” Feel free to share the video as well!

The desire of creating the video was to highlight and raise awareness of the work and need of Bible translation—particularly in the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It, also, was to showcase the beautiful country that it is. Smile.

To learn more about the Bible translation movement, the work and those currently engaged in it, please visit the two sites/links listed below (Find.Bible and IllumiNations).

To inquire specifically and directly to the work and need in PNG, please email Todd at

Who knows? Perhaps God will begin (or continue to?) use you right where you are to help eradicate Bible poverty—there are many support roles needed in addition to translating!  

Thanks for your time and, truly, His Love will continue to surely come find all of us!

Find.Bible (Find-A-Bible / Forum of Bible Agencies) – “Find-A-Bible is the single digital platform where the major Bible agencies of the world and their affiliates have agreed to collaborate together to ensure that all Bibles and biblical resources are easily discoverable – in every language. Find-A-Bible was built to be a convenient hub delivering fast, accurate, and relevant information with minimal user effort. Also, it serves as a reference point for Bible translation organizations seeking to discover what Bibles have or have not been published in a specific language. The Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) is an alliance of more than 25 leading international Bible agencies and mission organizations that span more than 120 countries, headquartered in five different nations and subscribing to the beliefs set down in the Lausanne Covenant. This alliance was founded upon a unified vision => Working together to maximize the worldwide access and impact of God’s Word (

IllumiNations – “Over 1 billion people worldwide do not have the full Bible in the language they know best. More than 165 million do not have a single verse of Scripture. IllumiNations is a movement of Bible translation agencies on a mission to eradicate Bible poverty by translating the Bible into every language — in this generation. Our mission: partnering to provide God’s Word in everyone’s heart language in a format they can engage with, so their lives may be transformed. We can see lives changed. Cultures transformed. Eyes opened. The world illuminated. The Church is rallying to finish the work begun by generations before us. Accept the challenge. Join the movement.